Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Glow Sticks

So one of the benefits of being home for a week is that I finally got the chance to stock up on glow sticks.  The dollar store near me had them for a dollar a pack....and lets just say I went a little crazy.  For this weeks assignment for David Graham's class (which I will sadly not be attending due to family problems) we were supposed to re-visit one of our previous projects.  Since I had bought more glow sticks I knew I wanted to play with them...the only downfall was that I did not have an assistant for these ones.  I think they are a little weaker than my last attempt...but I suppose you can't win them all.  So enjoy some more naked Felicia!

©Felicia Puff






Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Even MORE naked ladies!

Just got some more permission so here are seven more beautiful ladies two of whom I have known since high school!  And for those of you who are photographers out there you should hire Lauren Gates as your casting director...she is amazing at finding models! (and at being one)
©Felicia Puff







First Half of my OFFICIALLY EDITED Dream Series!!!

Hello All!!

So I have been working for weeks on this shoot, torturing many amazing girls by making them lay upside-down on a table basically dangling close to death.  They were all great sports and gave me some beautiful photographs!  These are the final digital edits for this series but as seen in the post a few before this one I am slowly but surely converting them all into Gum Bichromate diptychs.  Let me know what you think!
All Images ©Felicia Puff


Hannah (aka Rapunzel with red hair)

Oh!  Also this is only a few of them because I'm still working on getting permission from all of my models to post these online.

On Location Lighting!

So after a fun 2 hours of wandering the streets of Philadelphia with my awesome classmates I came up with these pretty sweet street shots.  It was my first time using a Range Finder and I have to say I kind of love it.  Although I am not a huge fan of street/fashion photography playing with this light equipment was definitely fun enjoy!

©Felicia Puff

FINALLY Some non-silver madness

It has taken me forever to get these darn things photographed...and now that I have I figured I'd share them with you.  Enjoy! (sorry about the crappy reflections on the gum prints, I had issues with the copy stand)

All images ©Felicia Puff

CMYK Separation in Gum Bichromate

CMYK Separation in Gum Bichromate

Cyanotype toned with tanic acid
CMYK Gum Bichromate

Cyanotype toned with Tanic Acid

Cyanotype on wood

Vandyke on handmade paper

Vandyke on handmade paper

Vandyke on handmade paper

Vandyke on handmade paper

Vandyke on handmade paper

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sooooooo Busy!

So between working on my final for my studio class and converting a lot of my photos into non-silver prints I have been to busy to update this thing.  I apologize!  In an attempt to escape my nudies which seem to consume my life these days, I have been playing with light and string.  Oh and mason jars.  They're just a fun little thing I did for David's class so I hope you enjoy them!  And look forward to lots of non-silver scans and awesome beautiful naked women hanging upside down!

All Images ©Felicia Puff