Monday, October 4, 2010

Recent Digital Work!!

Hey Yall!!! So I figured I'd get some work up that was actually part of a class this semester. This assignment was for David Graham's Junior Course and the concept was interrupted frame. This is the first real assignment I've chosen to do digitally and it surprisingly didn't turn out too bad. I shot these in my apartment with a black back drop and a single tungsten light. Enjoy!!

Oh. And we had this "cat challenge" we had to photograph as well. It's basically trying to take an overly photographed, almost cliche subject and making it more interesting. I actually hate cats, I'm much more of a dog person but I attempted to shoot something anyway. I ended up getting two creepy cat figurines from the thrift store and photographing them in my apartment with a black back drop and a small tungsten light. Here it is!!

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